Kilimanjaro Fashion Week Kilimanjaro Fashion Week Kilimanjaro Fashion Week Kilimanjaro Fashion Week Kilimanjaro Fashion Week
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Model Casting and Workshop


By AJ Mynnah
Location will be confirmed


By AJ Mynnah
Location will be confirmed.
The models workshop for 20 selected models from previous day.



Models spend about 30 mins being trained by a runway choreographer (we can decide on who or me) to learn how to walk down with confidence and style. They get to know the twists , turns and pivots and the end they should be able to show judges so as to be choses as part of the ZNZ fashion week models.

30 mins training of models
15 mins models prepare themselves
30 mins catwalk session of the 20 girls showing judges what they have learned
15 mins judges give the points on every girl in this catwalk (out of 3 - can be discussed)


Models are given a small lecture or trained on how to project attitude in front of the camera, in photo shoots as well as on runways. They eyes, the way they hold their hands , how they stand. They get told on how project the personality of the designs gracefully on camera when on the runway.

After the lecture, they get to do it , they get to do a runway walk, while getting their pictures taken.

The pictures are then judged for points on the girls to get a chance to be part of the ZNZ Fashion week models.

15 mins lecture/training
15 mins models prepare themselves.
30 mins models do runway while photos are taken.
15 mins judges work on pics to give points
15 mins judges give points on pictures to models


The way models present him/herself is very important to the world of modeling.

This activity will have the models, (from being told the previous day to bring clothes and items that will best present them, to show their style) they will dress in what they brought in as what really presents them best. And come out to the judges all at once.

TOTAL TIME: 30 mins for models to prepare themselves Models will come out one by one to judges in front of everyone to get comments on how they have done on activity 1 and 2, as well on their style , and also given his/her total points which will determine if they have made it to the cast of ZNZ fashion week models.

TOTAL TIME: 30 mins

Modeling Agency

The founders of Kilimanjaro Fashion Week have concurrently started a Tanzanian modeling agency to add support and value to the models and designers associated with Kilimanjaro Fashion Week. The agency will provide professional models to the fashion and media industry as well as national and international representation to local models.