Kilimanjaro Fashion Week Kilimanjaro Fashion Week Kilimanjaro Fashion Week Kilimanjaro Fashion Week Kilimanjaro Fashion Week
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Kilimanjaro Fashion Week Team


Aj Mynah is not only beautiful but business minded as well. She is the owner of Blackfox Premier Modelling Agency, which hires young women and men as models.

She started modelling in 2006.At the start it was more of a hobby to her, but little did she know that the passion would make her one of the few successful African models in Scotland. She worked with two agencies but she came to a limelight when she joined Mannequin Models Agency where she got a chance to do bigger fashion shows and got to know the industry well.

She returned to Tanzania in 2010 and started her own Model agency (Blackfox) with her friend as her business partner. She has partnered with many fashion designers and events in Tanzania as its one of her biggest passions. She is really excited to be given the chance and be part of the Zanzibar Fashion Week team, as she believes this will be one of the World's Biggest Fashion events in the near future.